"George, is without question, one of the most driven, intelligent, and inspiring students I've had in my 25 years of collegiate teaching.  He has accomplished more in few short years than many do in a lifetime of study.  A natural leader and possessed of irreprochable professionalism, he has earned my utmost respect and very highest admiration.  It's a pleasure to call him my friend, and an honor to endorse him as a professional trombonist."


- Dr. Tom Gibson

Artist in Residence

Kennesaw State University

"George Blevins has proven that age does not keep one from accomplishing a long awaited dream.  From architect/real estate businessman to four years of college and now a super musician.  I've had the pleasure of observing George grow musically for four years.  He show the greatest excitement and proficiency as he plays his trombone with mastered skills.  I have had the pleasure of accompanying him and I have seen him soar in his performance abilities.  After teaching many students successfully for 35 years, I see the drive in George Blevins that I saw in so many of the high schools students I taught.  A man eager to learn, committed to excellence, and involved in music of all mediums."


- Sumner Smith 

B.S., Music Education, Retired Band Director, Southwest High School and Benjamin Mays High School, Atlanta, Ga...Phi Beta Mu, International Bandmasters Fraternity

"George has always been one of my most engaging and hard-working students at Kennesaw State. Strongly grounded by his faith, he always thinks toward the future. He applies a lifetime of experience in the business, architecture, and real estate worlds to everything that he does. He is a competent, hard-working trombonist, a continually evolving person, and a good friend."    


 - Dr. Benjamin Wadsworth
Associate Professor of Music Theory
Kennesaw State University

"What can I say about George Blevins?  George has a singular focus goal
wise but embraces the needs of the community.  His quest for better
musicianship and artistry does not inhibit his interaction with other
musicians developing their craft.  Additionally, George embraces the role
of mentor and organizer.  Not content to be just be a solo trombonist,
George has assembled and led various groups of various instrumentation to
perform works from Bach to Ellington.  Musically speaking, he is a modern
day "Renaissance Man", performing Classical, Pop, Jazz and Gospel music. 
A gentle soul and warm heart does not belie his intensity and focus.  His
love for music is exceptional but it will never supersede his love for



 - Tyrone Jackson

Artist-in-Residence, Kennesaw State University



"George Blevins is living proof that learning has no age limit. His passion for music, and consistency in musical pursuits throughout his lifetime is a real inspiration. George has been as accomplished member of the 50-piece Johnson Ferry Orchestra and the 20-piece Gospel Jazz Band for many years and is a tremendous asset. I recommend him and his musicianship highly!" 


- Dr. Brian L. Hedrick

Minister of Instrumental Music

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church